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The business team at Kent Family Dental is committed to providing you with top notch customer service. Our goal is for each patient to walk out of our office with a smile and knowing what to expect at his/her next visit.  Give us a call; we will answer your questions, with a smile:)


 Ardis has been a member of the team since 1980.  She generally works diligently behind the scenes with data entry. 

Jenalee has been a member of the business team since 2005.  She is a trained dental assistant, however, she much prefers the business side of dentistry. Which is great for us because she is very good at it.  

Jamie has been with us since 2006.  She is a trained dental assistant and you will occasionally see her working with the clinical team. Jamie enjoys the challenge that comes with wearing both the business and clinical team hat.

Teresa joined our team in 2015.  She has been a great addition with valuable customer service skills.

Ashley joined our team in 2018. She has several years of experience in dental customer service.  

Donna joined our team in 2019.  She has been in the dental industry for numerous years and brings with her a great deal of dental knowledge.  

Call the office and put their knowledge and skill to the test!


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