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At Kent Family Dental, we’re committed to providing exceptional dental care tailored to you. Our dental team uses their skill and experience to deliver quality dental treatment that you and your family can rely on.

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A Dependable Dental Team

We love being able to care for the various needs of patients in our communities. With multiple experienced dentists in our office, we can ensure that each patient receives quality customized care. From simple cleanings and prevention to complex smile restorations, our comprehensive approach ensures that your smile needs are always met.

Having multiple dentists also allows us to combine our expertise for more effective care. We use state-of-the-art dental technology to improve the accuracy of our exams and diagnoses, and we can collaborate freely as needed. Each of our dentists is committed to continued learning every year and staying aware of breakthroughs and innovations in dental skill and treatment.

Why Consider Family Dentistry?

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While general dentists focus mainly on adults, a family dentist understands and is experienced in caring for the many unique challenges we face at each stage of life. From a child’s developing smile to a senior’s changing health circumstances, you can rely on our dentists to provide adequate age-appropriate dental care.

Family dentists can look after everyone in the family, providing multiple benefits for you and your loved ones. Having a central location for everyone’s care puts less pressure on you. Children have the benefit of seeing their parents confidently receive dental care, which helps them to trust and feel more comfortable with the dentist.

From the dentist’s perspective, having multiple family members under our care allows us to understand the many factors affecting your smile. From genetics to environment, and lifestyle, a complete profile allows us to provide more effective care for everyone.

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The Kent Family Dental team is passionate about helping you and your loved ones achieve the best care possible. With our quality service and accommodating hours, you can count on us to deliver the dental care you and your family expect.

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